Terms & Conditions

The Customer – must provide locking wheel nut keys if locking nuts are fitted. Any other special tools or keys must be provided.

The Customer – Vehicles must be fully insured by their own insurance.

The Customer – must check the tightness of the wheel fixings after collecting their vehicle and re-check after approx. 30 miles.

The Customer – must accept responsibility for the safety and legal standard of their own tyres whether or not we advise them. If we notice while dealing with the customers tyres that they do not meet the relevant standards – we will advise them.

The Customer – must ensure their wheels are collected within 1 week of the day their wheels are booked in for works to be carried out. We will charge £10 per week after the first week. If wheels remain uncollected after 1 month we will sell them in an attempt to recoup the costs incurred.

The Customers – wheels will not be released until full payment is received, (this also applies if the wheels are on the customers vehicle).

The Customer – should in the event of being unhappy with any aspect of our workmanship in the first instance come back to us and give us the chance to remedy the issue. If an issue remains unresolved then the Customer should put the details of the complaint in writing within 5 working days of the event. Written correspondence may be via paper or email.

We – can not accept responsibility for the condition of customers vehicles left in our care. We can not accept responsibility for mechanical failure, e.g. hand brake failure, flat battery etc.

We – are fully insured to cover accidental damage, theft and fire damage to customers vehicles whilst in our care.

We – can not accept responsibility for any belongings left in the car whilst in our care.

We – will always endeavour to refurbish the customers wheels to the highest standards within our capabilities. Some wheels which are in ‘very bad’ condition may not refurbish to the highest standard.

‘Very bad’ condition is specified as:

  • badly corroded
  • deep damage
  • damage around the fixing holes – caused by improper stud removal
  • Poor wheel casting
  • Previous improper repair

N.B. Some of the above conditions may not be known until the wheel is fully stripped to bare metal

We – reserve the right to charge extra in the event of unforeseen problems. We would not attempt to charge any extra cost without the customers consent.

We – endeavour to provide ‘next day service’ or meet any other given deadline, but do not guarantee this.

We – can not accept liability for any ‘consequential loses’

We – recommend new valves are fitted after a refurbishment. We provide new rubber valves free of charge, as standard. Chrome valves may be supplied at an extra cost. If the customer wishes for us to refit their old valves or valves supplied by them, the customer must accept responsibility for the valve integrity and seal to the wheel.

Top Marques Alloy Wheel Refurbishers Ltd.

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