watching these skeletons feel a little funny, they just are not too out of the skull by elemental change it, if they still have some use to others, but for himself, but he is by all no. ‘Just this ability ~~? This is called real magic.’ Said Lin Tianyun smile. ‘You wait for the next you know, ah.’ Middle-aged faint. When middle-aged finish, this time slowly gathered skull up to the middle. The middle-aged man who gave skull surrounded up, Lin Tianyun this time also note that since this middle-aged man, you want to see what he wanted to do in the end ah. These skeletons around the middle-aged middle-aged man in the fast spinning around. Middle-aged man behind the World of Warcraft are receding at this time, as if afraid to look, the more curious let up, his eyes staring at the middle-aged man to see what he can bring his own surprise. ‘Roar.’ This time soon Ju Hou ~ ~ this time the middle-aged, and this time around his side of the skull have disappeared ah. Middle-aged man has changed completely this time,cheap uggs australia boots, ah, it becomes a little
cheap ugg outlet scary. ‘Ha ha, I’ll let
cheapugg you enlighten me.’ Middle-aged man said loudly. Standing opposite Lin Tianyun from his body felt this middle-aged man who is more powerful than just the dark elements. ‘Oh ~! Relying on your current skill is not my opponent, you take that with these Warcraft go ~!

Do not want to kill, you do not force me. ‘Lin Tianyun faint, but Lin Tianyun tone with a domineering and spoken commands.’ You told me to go, I go, that I do not lose face. ‘Middle-aged man said.’ Since you will not go away, then do not blame me. ‘Lin Tianyun Having disappeared in place. Middle-aged man suddenly disappeared Lin Tianyun see also playing the spirit of twelve, middle-aged man knew Lin Tianyun nearby, quickly read some do not know what spell in middle age people appeared around the black light ball of light, light ball to the middle-aged cover up. ‘Do you think this little magic shield alone can protect you right ~? You misjudge me ah. ‘This time
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