Murong family knows where the bottom line of the staff will believe that. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, today we gather together, there are a few major events need to discuss, first by Ms. Ling, director of the education department in some cases in which she informed about this, because in the future, Starship education as one of the company name Galaxia The most important part, it is our company and the students want talent
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cheap ugg sale all the achievements of the school are very good. Compared with the location of their public schools, we are among the best, which in Jiangxi and Shandong and other places of three secondary schools, the results of the final exam, and there could have been the focus of high school compared to course grades or bad, depends on the year The entrance to count. In addition, it is continuing to increase the number of students, pre fifty billion investment company, have all been put in place, our company name will be added to two hundred new school, after the implementation of all these schools this year militarization of management, while at the beginning of the school to do the traditional exam subjects, we alsoCount started to offer courses to practice martial arts,cheap ugg boots in walnut creek ca, how were these special courses later, we have to ask the company’s president Murong specific related post: