two. ‘Then again and again bowed.Ding Yi Shi Tai Ha’s laugh, said: ‘Liu Sanye speak Daoye Hao laugh, I bid autogenous gas, coherent with what you have, he would not let me go, I have chosen to go?.If he does not stop me the way, I want to keep, you can pour. ‘Ding Yi Yu Canghai on the original is also a bit of fear, and her fight, there is no chance of winning, andAnd her sister set free, although easygoing, high martial arts, but it is well known today※※※※※※※※※※※※ ※ phone Resource Station※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※Even wins Ding Yi, head of the sister she never left without

This offended the Hengshan faction, inevitably end of trouble, immediately also laughed and said: ‘Pindao only hopeYilin small master unspoken truth to everybody. Yu Canghai what people dare stopHengshan School Baiyunan main road? ‘Then stature flash, homing seat.Block, asked: ‘That day now after you lost, in the end how things later?’ She gave birthYilin afraid young and foolish,cheap uggs 50% off, something disgraceful division will also say that out the door, busy added:. ‘Pick only important thing to say, not coherent, do not wordy’Yilin should be: ‘What is the disciples did not do things contrary to teacher training, but Tian Boguang this bad, this bad guy …… …… he he he …… ……!’ Ding Yi nodded:’Yes, you do not say, I know that. I certainly kill Tianbo Guang and Linghu two villain, give you vent ……’Yilin is
cheap uggs free shipping bright clear eyes wide open, his face looked puzzled and said:’Linghu his brother he …… ……?’ Suddenly dropped tears, sobbing: ‘He ……He was already dead! ‘Everyone listened, are surprised. Linghu day doorway dead people heard, anger once
cheap uggs destroyed, cried: ‘? How he died, who killed
cheap uggs him.’Yilin said:. ‘This is a bad guy …… …… this Qingcheng’ handPointing Luo Renjie body.Yu Canghai not help but feel proud, heart and said: ‘So this villain actually give greater odds Linghu kill so to say, he is hard for a die two good, outstanding personality.This related post: