watching them is more important than his own life. ‘Boy, if you do go to that step, then you go along with them! Anyway, is not nobody did.’ Amada said to joking tone. ‘Right ah! If there is such an opportunity, of course, we have to go with one, one to stay together. Master, I really admire you.’ I am pleased cried. Although I have no interest in whether or not to go to the other side, but it can not die old and daughters together, which was the dream of things ah! ‘Hey! You’re not really right?’ Amada like to look at what I looked like a monster. ‘Is this what is the problem? And this is what you have been put forward, ah?’ I asked, curious. ‘I heard that you have many wives, you can talk about specific numbers?’ Asked to answer the question Amada. ‘This ……, so I count ……, now seems to have been more than ten, right? But I think in the future there will be more than twenty …….’ I seriously thought, would have become my wife, and I’m going to fall into the clutches of the name of each woman meditation again, scratching his head and replied. ‘…… Ha ha, killing me.’ Suddenly the sky to Amada large

Up, so I thought he was crazy, he came to a halt for a long time and said:. ‘Do you really ambitious,cheap genuine uggs, when my friend finally took the two confidante say you want to take away two more than a dozen, so I really have to admire you. ‘ I had never thought about this thing, just and daughters have been together Happy happy enough, but now it seems to Amada, then let me
cheapugg find the real goal, so I had to pursue later in life. ‘I’m really looking forward to what will become of you in the future, is really fun.’ Immense interest to Amada said. ‘Then you look good. But now we still continue to fight it!’ I take the initiative to challenge road. ‘Atta boy, you want to take my props do you practice.’ First Yutian spent to stay, then immediately wake up, laughed a little. ‘But since you have such a request, and I meet you! Next may not have just as easily, you be careful of it!’ Amada to these words, asrelated post: