• Do you remove the tyres to do the refurb?

    Yes we do, because the wheels are dipped in acid, media blasted & powder coated in a hot oven – the tyres must be removed.

  • Do you refurbish the back of the wheel?

    Yes, the whole of the wheel is refurbished, this ensures any & all corrosion is removed, all surfaces are redone which is important for things like – achieving a good seal for the tyre.

  • My tyres are going down, I’ve taken them to tyre shops & they say there is nothing wrong with the tyres. Can anything be done?

    Yes, a complete wheel refurbishment is probably required. Presuming the tyre & the valve are okay, the air must be leaking past a bad rim seal or actually through the alloy. The rim seal may be bad because the rim is corroded & the existing coating is flaking. Air can pass through the actual alloy – this usually happens when the wheel is old & or corroded. A full wheel refurbishment will sort out these problems & the 12 month guarantee will cover any re-occurrence of the problem.

  • What is the best thing to clean my wheels with?

    After we have refurbished your wheels, you will find that the lacquer we use is extremely deep & full – this gives your wheels a nice finish & protects them, the other benefit is that it is harder for dust & dirt to stick too. For this reason you should be able to clean your wheels with hot soapy water. Basically you can clean our refurbished wheels like any other wheel, however it is not good to use solvent based products or abrasive materials on any wheel. Finishing off with a wax product will never be a bad thing.

  • Is every wheel put through the full process?

Yes, every wheel to be refurbished will go through the full process. This ensures a consistently high standard throughout all our work!

As piece of mind for our customers the process starts with each wheel being tagged for identification and security. All peripherals such as tyres, weights, valves etc are removed and the wheel is then acid dipped.

Next the wheels are media blasted back to bare alloy, this removes all existing paint and corrosion.

Prior to treatment n the oven any kerb damage is removed via sanding, grinding and / or welding.

Wheels go through a minimum 3-coat process in the oven. The first coat is a special powder coat alloy primer & the last coat is an extremely durable tough powder coat lacquer.

Upon completion, wheels are either packaged and shipped to the customer or fitted back onto the vehicle ready for collection.